Website CMS.

With CMS you may edit your website content, add new pages, edit and delete the existing pages, manage your website’s menus, galleries, contact forms, portfolio, testimonials, etc…


  • Solo and small law firm management software makes easier for you and your staff to concentrate on practicing law instead of time consuming tasks.
  • A WYSIWYG layout builder that will enable a user build robust homepages without requiring any programming knowledge.
  • User management system for both backend access and front end access for restricted pages.
  • Menu manage to add and rearrange menu items on the front page
  • User Access Control System to group different users and assign them different
  • Admin can grant or deny users access to different parts of the system.
  • Secure Password recovery system.
  • Admin can grant or deny user groups access as well.
  • Responsive design for both backend and front end
  • Analytics on page visits, number of users, posts, pages, plugins etc.
  • Google analytics ready.
  • Page management system that can be linked to static content or a plugin.
  • Widget management to add/remove widgets to page sidebars
  • Validation of inputs