Manage Your Cases with Ease, in One Place

It helps law firms improve efficiency

When everyone from staff, to clients, to outside counsel has 24×7 access to critical information, nothing gets missed and cases progress more smoothly. File sharing, calendars and deadlines, and billing are all made simple with Soft.Legal .

It’s accessible anytime, anywhere

As a cloud-based solution, Soft.Legal is available whether you’re at the office, in court, or somewhere in between. Via web browser or the Soft.Legal mobile app, you can access case files, complete tasks, and share invoices. With Soft.Legal on the go, you can be productive no matter where you are.

It gets your firm up and running fast

With an intuitive interface and easy to learn functionality, Soft.Legal is designed to be mastered quickly by everyone, regardless of technical savvy. Whether you’re logging in for the first time, or trying out a new feature, Soft.Legal allows you to find value with minimal ramp time.


Soft.Legal provides a completely integrated legal case management software and legal accounting solution in a single application. Productivity systems including automated document production and tasks are combined with all the record keeping needed, including time recording (mobile & desktop), billing and your legal and client accounting.

Case Management

Manage Legal Cases and Matters

Soft Legal takes care of all of your critical case management challenges, calendars, client communication, documents and billing.

Legal Accounts

Manage Legal Cases and Matters

For a Law Firm to prosper, it is important that all of the basics are done right. This includes not just the legal side but also the management of the firm.

Billing System

Create Professional Legal Invoices

Efficient legal billing software is at the core of every successful law practice.


Reports produce in real-time

Soft Legal software’s fast reporting capabilities allow you to produce reports in real-time.

Everything you need to run a law firm.
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