Meet Our CTO

As CTO spent 3 years in the elite cyber intelligence unit in the army, law firm security is his highest priority. Now, enjoy the freedom and peace of mind knowing that you can securely run your firm from anywhere in the world.

256-Bit military grade encryption.
Same protocol as online banks.

All information is secured by a 256-bit SSL
certificate. When logged in, data is transmitted using
an encrypted connection which shows a lock icon on
the top left of your browser. These are the same
security standards used by the biggest online banks.

HIPAA Compliant – the
safest place for your files.

Through our integration with, we offer a secure way
to manage your files. With enterprise-level security and HIPAA
compliance, allows you to protect your confidential
documents online at the highest security standards.

Secure your law firm today!

Try it.

More secure than ever.
Login only from
secure locations.

By only allowing access to certain IP addresses, like
your office, you are able to prevent your employees
from accessing the sensitive information stored in the
software from unsecured networks like public WiFi
networks in the airport or coffee shops.

Double the safety
with two-step authentication.

When logging in from an unknown device, along with your
standard password, you have the option of receiving a security
code sent to your email. This provides a second layer of security
when accessing your account to prevent unauthorized access

Custom Security Settings.
Access roles for each users.

When adding a new user, you can limit their access to
only certain parts of the software, so they can’t see
financial reports for example.

Geo-redundant servers.
Powered by Microsoft Azure.

Rest assured your data is always safe and backed up
with geo-redundant servers hosted by Microsoft Azure.
With decades of experience, Microsoft provides world-
class encryption and enterprise level security.

Automated off-site backups.
Data backups every second.

You never have to worry about backing up your data ever
again. Everything is automatically backed up in real-time.
Need a physical copy? You can export everything to Excel
in one click.

30-Day Soft Legal Promise

We know you’re going to love Soft Legal.
If you’re not 100% happy in the first 30 days, just email us for
your money back.