Case Management.

Soft Legal takes care of all of your critical case management challenges, calendars, client communication, documents and billing. Soft Legal tools will organize them in a way that is  straightforward and intuitive.

Let Soft Legal take care of your data and organize it according to your needs. Soft Legal adapts to any practice area.
Your business data is organized in one database. Soft Legal cloud-based case management software allows you to access your information from anywhere. Standard contacts information and custom fields allow you to quickly locate a telephone phone number and verify past payments.
The system allows management to monitor progress as well as task setting for both senior and junior team members.

The tasks and project management features make Soft Legal the best case management software for Legal practices.

Receive automatic notifications; when a staff member adds an event to your calendar this information is automatically shared concerned firm members and clients. Set reminders to ensure that you never miss an important meeting or deadline. All calendars are up-to-date and synchronized on all devices.
Simple time and expense tracking is built into Soft Legal. Allowing you to easily manage your client account and invoices. The system allows you to share information with the clients
Sophisticated reporting is one of the hallmarks of Soft Legal. Its a unique law practice management software solution that will enhance your company’s growth.
One of the advantages of cloud law practice management is the ability to store larger amounts of information with little to no latency. Hence there are no storage limitations. You can create a library of documents which can be shared with your clients.

Everything you need to run a law firm.
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