Time Recording.

Different firms and different people record their time in many different ways. Some practices will time record at hourly rates for the fee earners, some will record time at rates dependant on the matter type, some will record time at different rates for different activities and some won’t record time at all. The Law Society provides some guidance on the how’s and whys of Time Recording.
The Soft Legal system has been designed to accommodate every type of firm with a time recording system that is both flexible and easy to use.
Activities are defined with the codes you want to use so they are easy for fee earners to remember- they can always be selected from a drop down list for those who don’t have the best of memories. Charge rates can be set either by means of a standardised charge table or by selecting rates by fee earner (or a combination of both).

However your time recording and rates need to be defined, the Soft Legal system will have a way of doing it. We will happily guide you through the process of setting up your time recording rates when your system is first installed and then keeping it up to date as an when your needs change..

Once the time recording has been setup with activity codes, charge tables and rates, your fee earners are ready to start time recording.
To reduce the resistance to time recording as far as possible, Soft Legal has many different ways to record time to suit the needs of varying users.
For those that use their computers a lot and work on many different cases throughout the day, there is the mini time recorder app. This allows users to load multiple time recorders (although not all running at the same time) and switch between them as they work on different cases or activities throughout the day.
For those more used to a traditional time sheet, users can also simply enter their time recording in the manner.

Or, a combination of all of the above can be used to record time activities throughout the day. You can then view all of your day’s work in one place before committing it to the relevant matters.

As with many things, it is possible to make mistakes with time recording.
Whether it was an incomplete description, an incorrect rate or even done on the wrong case, The Soft Legal system has a built in Time Recording Maintenance function that allows users to fix any mistakes as they go along.

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