Case Management.

Soft Legal takes care of all of your critical case management challenges, calendars, client communication, documents and billing. Soft Legal tools will organize them in a way that is straightforward and intuitive.

Practice Management.

Law is not just a profession, it is also a business. It can be a daunting task to balance the management functions of a law firm with client matters, but is one that any successful business must do.

Legal Accounts

For a Law Firm to prosper, it is important that all of the basics are done right. This includes not just the legal side but also the management of the firm. The bedrock of good firm management is good financial management. It is no good having the best lawyers in the world in your firm, if you cannot pay for practising certificates or you cannot prove to the SRA the last time you reconciled client account.

Billing System.

Efficient legal billing software is at the core of every successful law practice. Soft Legal billing features eliminate the tedious aspects of time-tracking, invoicing and payment processing. Our system offers a simple, straight forward approach; making it to for you to stay on top of your work.

Time Recording.

Different firms and different people record their time in many different ways. Some practices will time record at hourly rates for the fee earners, some will record time at rates dependant on the matter type, some will record time at different rates for different activities and some won’t record time at all. The Law Society provides some guidance on the how’s and whys of Time Recording.

Document Management.

Accessing your documents into our software is made simple. Use the upload tool to save all of your legal documents. This will allow you to create a library and choose the files you want to share with clients and other contacts.

Email / SMS Management.

Every email / SMS, even emails from the inboxes of multiple staff, is automatically stored to the same, relevant electronic matter within Soft Legal so all staff can access the correct email correspondence at any time.

Compliance Management.

There are many areas where Soft Legal can assist with compliance, whether that be from an accounts or practice management perspective – or both.
From an accounting perspective, Soft Legal provides standard checks and warnings when completing a financial posting to ensure that your client ledgers are never in debit and your office ledgers never in credit.

Reporting System.

Soft Legal software’s fast reporting capabilities allow you to produce reports in real-time.

Human Resource Management.

Our HRM system offers a choice of specialized modules designed to give you seamless, centralized HR governance across your global business concerns. This system with configurable workflows, custom reports, advanced rule-based engines and superb customer support. HR system that saves you time and budget in multi-national settings.


Soft legal provides platform to send text email marketing to clients etc.